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All hail to the little people!

Posted by Bouncybhall on May 18, 2010 20:02 (May 18, 2010 20:02)

Little Computer People was, at the time revolutionary as it tried to sell the concept that inside every computer there are hordes of little people working away to produce what you see on the screen (In the case of the Amstrad the little people were clearly still observing the three-day week of 1974).

By inserting the game into your C64 you gave these people a way of communicating with you, as well as a well-deserved house to reside as the game’s case explains: -

“Admit it. Haven’t you ever wondered - even just for a second - what really goes on inside your computer? If so, then an important recently announced research discovery will be of special interest to you! The answer is fascinating. The discovery itself took dozens of researchers, hundreds of thousands of dollars, the most technically advanced equipment and years of scientific speculation and hard work. The precise process is based on an incredible, state-of-the-art piece of software. It’s a unique fully equipped two and half storey “House-on-a-Disk”. When loaded into a computer, it will not only draw out one of the Little Computer People but will actually become the Person’s permanent residence.”

From here on in the experiment began, with the ‘gamer’ and I use that term loosely watching the little computer person go about his daily life. He might read, he might buy a dog, or if you were lucky he might even write you a letter or play games with you. Each copy of the game generated a random person, so players had their own, unique person to go all Rear Window on. A treat was in store for you if your little computer person decided to tickle the ivories as the music was composed by industry legend Russell Lieblich, who also worked on the music based Master of the Lamps flying carpet game. In fact the sound on the game was sterling in general, and essential to further creating this little virtual world.

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#3 May 30, 2010 19:45:20 ( May 30, 2010 19:45 )

 This game must have paved the way for The Sims and other such games....

Unfortunately I picked a copy of this up without instructions, so had no idea how to interact with the little guy....I just had to sit and watch him go on about his daily business. Still enjoyed having a little person in my C64 though!  
#2 May 24, 2010 07:37:52 ( May 24, 2010 07:37 )

I had the C=64 version and, later on, the Amiga version. Little Computer People was an interesting and entertaining, albeit short-lived, novelty IMO. It was fun for a while, but didn't go far enough. The reviewer is correct in that if Activision had managed to release some expansion packs, things may have turned out differently...
#1 May 19, 2010 09:36:50 ( May 19, 2010 09:36 )

The forerunner to Tamagotchi! Did anyone actually play this and have "feelings" for the little fella?
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