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Two more Sega classics get the handheld touchscreen treatment.

Posted by Spanner on Jul 26, 2010 15:27 (Jul 26, 2010 15:27)

Sega's already got its boots firmly under the App Store table, but it's relentless march toward Mega Drive domination isn't showing any signs of slowing. Two more 16-bit classics have just hit the iPhone and iPod touch, in the shape of Space Harrier II and Ecco the Dolphin.
The Mega Drive games have been trickling out for a while now, with the likes of Sonic The Hedgehog, Streets of Rage and, of course, one of the iPhone's launch titles, Super Monkey Ball. But to be a little harsh, they've not been the best emulations we've ever seen.

These 16-bit adaptations have performed reasonably well, but their presentation is incredibly sparse, and the on-screen virtual controls have never come close to replacing a good, hard, liver-shaped joypad.

But, if these are a welcome companion as you skip gaily down Memory Lane, head on over to the App Store. Oh, assuming you're in the US, that is. These are actually Genesis conversions, not Mega Drive games, so nur.

Get ready!

Space Harrier II
It’s the year 6,236 and a distress call has come from the 214th sector, deep in space. Though this is light years away from your Space Harrier cruiser, the Cosmic Gate teleports you to the chaotic scene in minutes. Fast reflexes are your friend in this explosive galactic odyssey.

Ecco the Dolphin
After a mysterious storm, Ecco’s family disappeared – help him search his vast ocean home for them. Dart through the deep sea, catch air with playful flips for oxygen and use sonar to get messages from undersea creatures and crystal glyphs.

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